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Maçonnerie CB, experienced masons in Montreal

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For All Masonry and Wall Repair Work in Montreal

Our professional masonry services for all residential, commercial and industrial projects are available to you at any time in Montreal. Just give us a call, and our experts will be with you in no time!

If you want to restore your brick or concrete walls and add a touch of design to the exterior of your building, count on the experts at Maçonnerie CB to start your projects today!

For the repair, replacement or restoration of your walls and all types of masonry work, call on our professional services, and we will begin your work as soon as possible. With our experience and know-how, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and your project is in good hands!

Brick or Stone Wall Replacement

Maçonnerie CB is the partner you need when you build or renovate a house. We have been in the business for more than 10 years, and we take care of construction sites of all sizes in Montreal and on the North Shore.

Brick, stone and concrete block are all durable materials that will increase the value of your home and add a touch of elegance to its design. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about the advantages of brick, stone or concrete block home!

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Bulging Brick Wall Repair

If you don't know what is or how to identify a bulging brick wall, don't worry! We are here to help. A bulging brick wall is a bulge that appears as a result of water infiltration in your walls, resulting from the detachment of the siding from the main structure. It would be a reasonably common masonry problem, especially if your walls were not designed to be waterproof.

At Maçonnerie CB, with our 10 years of know-how, we know precisely how to act professionally and thoughtfully when faced with this type of problem. We will repair your walls and solidify everything to ensure better structure longevity. 

If your walls have bulgings, call on our services as soon as possible!

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Sills, Lintels and Corners Replacement

Maçonnerie CB's team is a master in the art of making and repairing sills, lintels and door thresholds. Whether the design is fanciful or straightforward, we will perform a flawless job. We deal with all types of bricks, stones and concrete blocks. We offer our services everywhere in Montreal and on the North Shore.

If you want sills, lintels or corners with more artistic designs, or if you are looking for a more straightforward design for them, think of Maçonnerie CB to satisfy you today!

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Masonry Maintenance Plan

Even though your walls may not last forever, their lifespan will depend entirely on how you maintain them. If you want to avoid replacing your walls every two or three years, consider a masonry maintenance plan! Especially if your residential, commercial or industrial building seems to be ageing, act now and trust our experts.

Over time, your building must have developed some weaknesses. They can damage your entire structure in the long run. We offer you a complete masonry maintenance plan service that will allow you to identify these weak points and address them as soon as possible. Make Maçonnerie CB your safety partner!

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Consolidation and Reinforcement of Masonry with Structural Anchors

If you think that all the walls of your building are becoming brittle and that bulgings and cracks are starting to appear everywhere, it's time for you to call on our masonry consolidation and securing services with structural anchors. This method is what it takes to stabilize and restructure your walls that have been damaged by bulgings, cracks and other undesirable factors.

After our intervention, we guarantee that the longevity and solidity of your structure will be increased. Keep in mind, however, that this solution can only be temporary. You will need to do regular maintenance or inspection to ensure the reliability of your walls and your entire structure.

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Chimney Repair and Restoration

If you love your chimney and the elegance it brings to your home, but it has lost its charm and doesn't function as it used to, don't worry! We will make it look like new.

In case of damage, instead of redoing your brick wall or chimney, it is often possible to make a simple repair. Maçonnerie CB is at your service to repair damaged brick or stone joints or to repair the cracked concrete cap of your chimney. You will save money and have peace of mind!

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