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Reliable Demolition Service in Montreal

Starting a new construction and want to get rid of the existing building? After providing masonry services, Maçonnerie CB is now providing demolition services for new and old buildings. Demolition is not only required for new construction but also for damages caused due to water or fire. For complete or selective demolition service in Montreal, Maçonnerie CB is the name you can trust.


Whether you want to demolish an entire building or just a wall, kitchen or bathroom, we have the right equipment and an experienced team. We also remove any waste or debris after the entire process is completed, leaving the construction site clean and prepared for new construction or renovation. Call us for more information!

Deconstruction and Stripping

If the condition of the building is good, some of the material can be recycled or reused to minimize the waste generated. Do you think the material from the building can be reused? Let us know. Our team of professionals can inspect the building before choosing whether to deconstruct it or demolish it.


Get in touch with us today to learn more. 

Maçonnerie CB takes care of every step of the demolition process to give you peace of mind.

Complete Demolition

For complete demolition services of apartments or other commercial buildings, trust Maçonnerie CB.

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