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Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home

Maçonnerie CB, The Reference in Professional Masonry in Montreal

Are you about to start constructing your walls? Or do you want to give your old walls or chimney a modern look? For the construction and repair of your brick, stone, or concrete block walls and for all your masonry needs in Montreal, count on the experts at Maçonnerie CB to satisfy all your needs today!

Our 10 years of experience has proven to be efficient and valuable to the people of Montreal, and to this day, everyone continues to trust us and our expertise. 


Trust our passionate and dedicated experts to start all your residential, commercial and industrial masonry projects in Montreal today!

What we have for you?

For all residents of Montreal and the North Shore, we offer professional masonry services such as:

  • Brick or Stone Wall Replacement

  • Bulging Brick Wall Repair

  • Sills, Lintels and Corners Replacement

  • Masonry Maintenance Plan

  • Consolidation and Reinforcement of Masonry with Structural Anchors

  • Chimney Repair and Restoration

And much more! 

For all your masonry work, make Maçonnerie CB your project partner!

Maçonnerie CB in Montreal — Buckling, Efflorescence and Other Problems

At Maçonnerie CB, we are committed to doing good work. We’ll be delighted to repair your walls and other masonry elements in Montreal and on the North Shore. If you notice a problem with your bricks or stones or even the concrete blocks on your siding or chimney,  think of Maçonnerie CB, we’ll find a solution.

Maçonnerie CB intervenes on all types of masonry work and to familiarize you with our world. We invite you to go through some definitions related to the field of masonry:

Weep hole

Weep hole

Also known as vents, weep holes promote proper air circulation behind your wall. It prevents mould from growing on the inside of wooden fences. Weep holes should be spaced 3 or 4 bricks apart, depending on the type of block used.

brick wall


The gap is the space between your existing wooden wall and the masonry wall (brick, stone, or concrete blocks). This space allows us to build a wall that is straight and adequately ventilated.

Efflorescence brick wall


Efflorescence is a deposit that frequently forms at the base of a wall or under a windowsill. This phenomenon is caused by minerals in the cement components, which emerge from the masonry units when they are exposed to humidity (i.e., rain or condensation vapours). It creates whitish, salty looking stains.


Buckling (ventre de boeuf)

The term buckling refers to the swelling of a brick, stone or concrete block wall. If the swelling is nominal, the wall can be easily repaired by removing the bricks, cleaning them, and then rebuilding the affected section using the same bricks, new mortar, galvanized anchors and a Tyvek® vapour barrier. If the bricks are excessively damaged, they can be replaced with similar new bricks.

If the swelling is excessive, there could be a risk of collapse or water infiltration. In this case, it may be necessary to use heavy equipment to demolish the wall safely, and to rebuild it.

wall tie

Wall tie

A wall tie is a strip of ribbed metal that is meant to be fastened to the existing wooden wall so that it can be attached to the masonry wall. Wall ties need to be galvanized to prevent rust and buckling.



Flashing is a membrane that is installed at the base of the interior wall and on the corner irons (angle irons) of doors and windows. Flashing should be of high quality, ideally made of a self-adhesive membrane (i.e., Blueskin®, Resist-0 or Soprema). A high-quality layer used along with plastic vents (weep holes) will ensure adequate wall ventilation, thus preventing the appearance of humidity inside the wall.

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